City deserves a change

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I see the council is putting up the council tax and then blaming the Government, but what about the hundreds of thousands of pounds wasted on golden goodbyes and they will not tell us how much they are.

Then there is all the money spent on portfolio holders for more responsibilty and when it all goes wrong (children’s services), they just keep quiet and hope it will go away, but it will not. At least the chief of Sunderland football club took responsibilty and resigned. Why will the children’s portfolio holder not do the same?

Labour has been in power for 40 years and we are still on the bottom of the pile. It is time for a good clear out in the civic centre, portfolio holders, councillors, leaders.

Come the next elections let’s have a change, after all what have we got to lose.

The name for the new bridge should be a name they seem to like – Iconic.

G Liddle