City cash is just wasted

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I see most of the council and Labour letter writers are back to blaming this nasty Government for all the cuts, not one of them has said a word about all the waste of money by this council.

Thousands of pounds have been spent on golden goodbyes, the oil drums under the bridge, golden gates on the pier, the Vaux site and the trees, our first ‘iconic bridge’ and much more.

We have people on more money than the Prime Minister with one councillor having to pay back £11,000 and that is the ones we know about. Now we even have to feed them.

It’s not long ago councillors did it for the honour of helping the city and a cup of tea if they were lucky.

We also have children’s services ordeal, the person in charge did not resign but was then given a committee job overseeing new people on a new service on extra money.

Councillor Howe is right the seafront needs seafront activities not houses and shops so that people who come to the seaside have somewhere to go if it rains. South Shields built a new leisure centre and it is very well used.

I know who is getting the best deal building houses and shops and it is not the people, but the city.

They just keep getting voted back in power so they just do as they like.

GH Liddle