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I agree with the correspondent who recently quoted that well known expression: “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely”. We should all recognise and react against those who are hiding behind the phrase “I have done nothing wrong”.

Starting with the EU. MEPs are still refusing to accept that their expenses should be examined and reviewed by an independent body. The result is auditors refusing to sign off the accounts, which is by itself a very good reason for voting against staying in EU.

Our own MPs are objecting to being told they should not be employing family members as assistants (actually I understood they had been told to end the practice when the original expenses fiddling was exposed). There should be clear unambiguous rules, and any transgressions should be firmly dealt with.

This is public not politicians’ money and MPs should not have the majority on the public standards committee – but I very much doubt if MPs would vote that through.

Locally there are two issues, which leave a bitter taste. Vera Baird was voted out by the hard working people of Redcar because they felt she had not made much effort to save the steel industry there. But unlike them she was not out of work for long, when she was elected to the Police and Crime Commissioner.

Finally, I would ask Councillor Pat Smith to explain publicly how can she have the qualities to put right the failings in Children’s Services, when she clearly did not display or use them to detect those failings when they were happening.

We need councillors whose first interest is in the people of this city. We can see what benefits can be achieved by the business people who are driving forward several initiatives.

Let us seek to elect those who do not follow the party line, but those who show energy, drive and courage to challenge the status quo to ensure that we move forward.

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