Cannot build like that now

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This should never be, I was born in Bonnersfield, off Bridge Street.

I played round here when four years old. I watched when cattle were brought out of the side entrance and the odd one ran away along Bridge Street, it was well used in those days.

I can remember my two sisters taking me to Wearmouth Station to go on board the Silver Link train, then you were shown through it, on coming out you got a mug of chocolate, sweets, silver links, it was sort of a barbary coasters landmark them.

Why close it down?

They cannot build a station like they did in those days, leave well alone.

I am 86 years old and have seen many changes, and many good buildings destroyed. For instance the Town Hall, the Grand Hotel, all gone, and they talk about a cultured city.

They cannot build today like the Victorian’s. I say leave well along, keep the Wearmouth Station open, at least for school children.

Name withheld