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We should all welcome the fact that the majority of Tyne and Wear bus services are profitable – it guarantees their continued operation.

It was silly for Gillian Galbraith (December 15) to write about bus companies putting profits before passengers. Without the passengers there would be no profits.

Nexus has long had the power to ensure the provision of unprofitable services considered socially desirable. Has Coun Galbraith approached them about supplementing the 38/35A services Go-Ahead provides, on a commercial basis, for the benefit of Oakfield Court residents?

I agree we need to encourage people to use buses more and I know the bus companies review their services on a regular basis to seek to ensure they run where people want to go. However, only a car (or taxi) can provide a door-to-door service.

It’s all very well for Gillian to attack Stagecoach for its profits but it has invested substantial sums in new buses in the city (financed from profits) and, I find, often have the lowest fares.

Coun Peter Wood