Burden of refugees needs to be shared

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While it is no doubt noble and well intentioned for Sunderland to become a City of Sanctuary for refugees, perhaps it is somewhat misguided.

Sunderland like the majority of large cities in the UK, faces challenges and problems unique to large urban areas. Mass unemployment, some of the most deprived inner city areas, high levels of child poverty, housing shortages and a constant stream of council cutbacks.

Perhaps the leaders of Sunderland and other big city councils ought to direct their campaigning efforts towards the MPs and councils of the more affluent and wealthy parts of our country.

When the likes of such places as Winchester in Hampshire, Epsom in Surrey, Bournemouth, Cheltenham and Stratford Upon Avon offer to take and accept the majority of refugees and asylum seekers, perhaps then and only then, should the big cities take the remainder.

What good is it to any refugee to be stuck in some deprived inner city area, when they could be living a much more fruitful existence in a more auspicious and thriving community.

What benefit is it to any city to accept more acceptable people when the people already living there are struggling.

The big cities have played their part in helping numerous communities over the years, it is about time the smaller towns and villages did their bit to help.

I have yet to hear the people of Devon and Cornwall calling for their areas to be places of sanctuary.

Perhaps their silence speaks louder than any words.

Mr G Grant,