Britain has no need to hang on to EU

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Labour MP for Sunderland Central Julie Elliot along with the other two Labour MPs voted to remain in the Brexit referendum while 62% of the people of Sunderland voted resoundingly out.

How can they represent the people of Sunderland when they are still of the same mind.

While Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn reluctantly voices his agreement with Theresa May, to honour the decision of the British people to leave, he typically will settle for a soft divorce.

How can the three Labour MPs and their fellow party members have the gall to dismiss the opinions and contrary votes by the people of Sunderland to leave the EU?

This country has a strong leader who, according to the polls, will be re-elected because the majority of the people recognise the fact that she has no worthwhile competition and Britain will be better out, better for our future and that of our children.

Make no mistake this country of ours is both morally and economically strong, strong enough to play our role in the global world, strong enough to resume our place on the world stage not as a shirt tail hanger of the EU.

Coun George Howe,

Fulwell Ward