Brexit transition period is sensible

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I for one will certainly not be signing the petition reader FE Sharpe’s recommends against a transitional period in implementing so-called Brexit.

We constantly hear from leave voters what the ‘country’ (ie a little over half of it) voted for – but they all appear to believe that there is a more comprehensive plan on those ballot papers than was actually the case.

We were offered a simple yes/no choice – no mention of timescale, no acknowledgement of the complexity of the task. This is unsurprising since the Government did not in any way expect or prepare for the result it got.

Very few voters, even now, seem aware of the actual scale of this pointless and self-destructive course of action, and those who are desperate for it to happen immediately appear to prize their hollow, ideological victory more than they do a functioning country, healthy economy, decent living standards, workplace rights or any future for their children.

A transitional period might do something – just a little – to mitigate the inevitable damage. It might be just a little bit sensible. It’s no surprise the Brexit vandals would oppose this.

Bradley Lamb