Brexit shambles for the public

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The recent letter from David Caslaw (could he tell is what the letters TD VR after his name mean?) was astonishing.

You won the referendum Mr Caslaw, but one year on, you seem very uncertain about your victory, so you go over the old arguments again. You can’t expect the 48% you call Remoaners to back the most catastrophic decision this country has ever taken.

You complain about the lies of the Remain campaign and of being conned. The words pot, kettle and black come to mind (£350million for the NHS?) And you accuse the impartial BBC of bias.

As for joining the EEC without a referendum, Governments are entitled to take important decisions – that’s what they are for.

We got to vote in 1975 when two thirds of the electorate chose to stay in the EEC. At the time there was no talk of political union or a common currency – that came later after Messrs Kohl and Mitterand joined hands on the Verdun battlefield.

No wonder young people get confused if you claim fighting two world wars was all about staying out of Europe. To invoke such memories in support of Brexit is a dismal kind of jingoism.

The Conservatives are to blame for this mess. They didn’t need to call a referendum, then every Tory MP (bar good old Ken Clarke) voted for Article 50 without any idea what terms they wanted.

The PM insists on a hard Brexit while her chancellor says the opposite. Now we’re talking about a transitional period. It’s a big adventure for them, a shambles for us.

When the history books are written, they’ll deliver a damning verdict on David Cameron, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage.

C J Napier