Brexit can work for all

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On June 23 I cast my vote for the Leave Campaign.

Like many of my friends, I was disgusted at Nigel Farage standing in front of his loathsome “Breaking Point” picture and equally dismayed at Michael Gove’s anti-intellectual pursuits.

My vote to leave was not racist, quite frankly I couldn’t care less about immigration – my vote to leave was on the basis that I wanted a Britain which could take back control of her own destiny, a Britain which wasn’t bound by regulation and a Britiain which was free to be – British.

In the months since, I do not regret my vote. I think the European Union is an outdated relic of a time gone past which has no role in the world of pure internationalist free trade I envisage.

I do, however, strongly reject Theresa May’s vision of Britian’s exit from the European Union, or of Brexit.

Theresa May has done what Crabb, Leadsom, Gove and Fox did during their leadership campaigns – she is using human beings to score political points.

This will only backfire.What reason do German workers have to support a good deal for Britain if our Government is holding their friends and relatives hostage to score points.

Moreover, Theresa May seems to believe that not only does Brexit Mean Brexit, she believes Brexit means everything under the sun.

She believes it means she can accept derisory comments against members of our judiciary, she believes it means she and only she can have the final say over Brexit, she believes it – in some warped way – means she can reinstate grammar schools, designed to segregate our children at the aged of 11.

As her Brexit Secretary once said “a democracy is not a democracy if it cannot change it’s mind” – but to Theresa, this vote means she can allow us to be forced into a hard Brexit.

In the United States, the Senate is able to be heavily involved in negotiations and in Europe, the EU’s Parliament signed off on the Brexit deal – Mrs May has no licence to hold her cards to her chest, especially when all she has are jokers.

My vote will be going to the Liberal Democrats.

I make this decision with agony. The Liberal Democrats’ pro-Europeanism is never going to be something I espouse, but it seems they are the only party willing to safeguard the Parliamentary tradition which I hold closely.

They are the only party who have wholeheartedly opposed this extreme form of Brexit I did not want and have expressed a desire to remain in the Single Market and demanded the British people have their say if Mrs May desires to go any further.

The Britain I wanted after Brexit is not the Britain which Theresa May wants. She wants a country divided where anyone who dares oppose her is crushed – I want a Brexit which works for us all, where we have the opportunities to remain in the single markets and the Europeans remain our friends, not our hostages.

Leonard Short