Brexit bullies will not change my mind

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With reference to Tom Brown and his wishes that everybody with a different opinion to him should now about turn and agree with him and his mis-informed Brexit cronies – shades of Hitler’s wishes after the German elections of 1933 spring to mind.

In my lifetime I have seen Europe divided after war, many of its countries are now members of the EU (Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Estonia etc.)

Once fascist, Spain is now a member; once fascist, Portugal is also a member, Greece without its generals is a member – is it a coincidence that “club” trading members with common interests tend not to attack each other?

For the sake of the young people who follow on from me, I will never change my opinion that Brexit is a big big mistake, and I won’t be bullied.

Yes, Brexit bullies not EU ones, into changing my mind.

T Hudson