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I am supporting the Campaign to have Sunderland Royal Hospital’s breast care service returned to Sunderland Royal Hospital for the benefit of Sunderland patients.

The Clinical Commissioning Group NHS has tried to reassure patients that the closure of our service is only temporary and the withdrawal and leaving of our much needed specialist nurses is only temporary.

Breast cancer patients have had to suffer the inconvenience of the closure of our breast service unit, having to travel to and fro between hospitals for ten months, and the uncertainty of what was happening as there was no information given to patients, until we attended a Public Meeting held Wednesday, October 21, arranged by ladies who themselves are recovering from breast cancer and have developed Save Our Service (S.O.S.) Action Group.

Thank you ladies for the hard work in bringing this issue to the attention of patients, general public and our local councillors.

Now patients are being told that the CCG is now wanting to develop a “one stop, high quality” breast care assessment service for patients from Sunderland and they say this service would be provided within the Grindon Lane Primary Care Centre.

The Clinical Commissioners say Grindon could be available without little alteration needed to be carried out on the building as the site is available. Why Grindon Lane? Why not the Royal Hospital? We have had all the breast care facilities in one place for years. Mammograms, ultrasound, MRI, chemotherapy, an exceptional next-to-non cancer support centre, under one roof.

Can I remind the public that the Royal A&E department was transferred to the Grindon Lane Primary/Walk-In Centre and was found to be unsuccessful and was returned back again to the original A&E department at Sunderland Royal.

We do not want this to happen to our breast care service. Sunderland Royal Hospital accommodated this service for years successfully, saving many many lives.

A very grateful patient