Blue badge parking woes

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I am writing in reference to the Echo report, August 8, highlighting Mr Sean Robinson who suffers from Osgood-Schalatter Disease and has had his application for a disabled persons badge refused by Sunderland Council.

The report says his appeal has been turned down, is this that he has been refused an appeal or has be appealed and lost? After answering five questions he was advised he did not fit the criteria and when asked why, Sunderland Council said ‘You don’t need to know.’ Portfolio holder Coun G Miller says liked all local authorities Sunderland Council issues blue car badges in accordance with national guidance from the Department of Transport. I assume he means ‘The Blue Badge Scheme Local Authority Guidance (England), October 2014 (P33) of which, regulation 8(3) of the 2000 regs states that where a local authority receives an application and refuses to issue one it must let the applicant know in writing. The Department of Transport strongly recommends that every applicant who is refused a badge should be given a detailed explanation of the grounds for refusal.

I urge Mr Robinson and anyone who has, or wishes to apply for a badge to print off the internet the 2014 Department of Transport L.A. guidance as described above and to which Coun Miller says his council issues blue badges ‘in accordance with.’ The government is transferring disability living allowance claimants to personal independent payment (PIP) so as to reclassify – 20% of DLA disabled as non disabled under PIP. Under PIP anyone who gets less than eight points for mobility loses their badge. However, the 2014 L.A. guidance states that they can keep their existing blue badge until it expires.

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