Bleak outlook for schools

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When headteachers start to protest about the level of cuts to school budgets, you know things are getting really bad.

When they send out letters asking parents to set up direct debits of £10 a month to prop up core funding, you know things are becoming desperate.

Schools have already had funding cuts, despite being supposedly protected, and the cuts planned for the next three years amount to about £391 per child, per year, in our borough.

Meanwhile the Government has decided to spend £500million on new grammar schools.

What does the future hold? Larger classes because the school can’t afford the staff.

Cuts in staffing and a four-day school week.

Teachers becoming hard to recruit as they leave the profession.

A postcode lottery to decide how well funded your child’s education will be.

Parents already contribute to the costs of trips, uniform, books, pens and files etc and to frequent fundraising appeals and events.

Even if parents are able to contribute further, there is a vast difference between, say, a £120 contribution and the £391 shortfall.

Are parents going to be asked for £20 or £30 for two or three children? Will they be asked for more next year? This is a back door into privatising schools.

Don’t we want a free education for everyone? Don’t let the Government get away with it

Lesley Kay Hanson