Blackhall did Brady Lowery proud

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My son James and I visited Blackhall Colliery for Bradley Lowery’s funeral, having travelled up from Cheshire.

May I just say, through your pages, what an impact this has had on us. To see a community come together and support each other was so very moving.

Every single person there yesterday played a huge part in support of Bradley, Bradley’s family and friends but also as a support for each other. As a visitor to this small village it was so noticeable. For us to be a part of that yesterday was so heart warming and made us feel very humble.

The people of the North East are really something special. You all did Bradley very proud yesterday and we feel privileged to have been able to share that community spirit with each and every one of you, young and old.

Lovely part of the world full of genuinely kind and thoughtful people. (A special thank you to the lady in red for offering us tea.) We wish you all the best and thank you once again.

Alison and James Taylor