Birds proof of global warming

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I was out on my bike at the weekend with my mate Flash, no not the one who saved the planet from Ming the Merciless, but the window fitter from Pallion.

On the regular pedals we go Flash is a regular poindexter when it comes to ornithology. As we were making our way through Boldon, Flash said if you want proof of global warming there it is. He pointed to a couple of blokes who had their binoculars fixed on this field behind the Metro. I said what are they looking at and what has it got to do with global warming, he said they are looking at a little egret and 30 years ago you would have to go to Spain to see one of those, and now they are common as muck over here, and that’s good enough proof of global warming to me. Taken aback I said it’s a pity Donald Trump and all those other global warming deniers are not here to hear your wise words Flash.

Ged Taylor,