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You can imagine the shock to be told to leave the garages and find a new home for their minibus, canoes and other gear at such short notice (Echo, November 12).

In earlier discussions with council officials, Humbledon Outdoor Activities Association (HOAA) had been reassured that no decision would be made without giving them the opportunity to meet the directors of Parker Memorial Home to explain the effect it would have on their work.They were also assured early on that they would not be put out on the street and that, if they were not allowed to remain at St Gabriel’s Avenue, Sunderland City Council would find suitable alternative accommodation.

With Sunderland Council as custodial trustees of the Parker Memorial Home, and councillors taking responsibility as board trustees, HOAA and council officials, acting for the board, had been exploring possibilities to regularise the situation with the garages, or find alternative accommodation, that would not only be mutually beneficial, but continue to be of benefit in the wider context of the city’s Adult Services.

HOAA has now contacted the councillors directly to ask for a meeting to make sure they are fully aware of the difficulties their decision, if not reconsidered, will pose to a charity with such small, carefully shepherded resources.

HOAA continues to appeal for help to be allowed to stay in their home, or to find suitable accommodation that will enable them to continue to provide disabled people with the opportunities that make their lives better.

Dr Paul Skinner,

HOAA trustee