Beware of no call out fees

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I am a 78-year-old widow and on Saturday, March 25, I tried to lock my door at about 6pm, I couldn’t so put two chairs against it.

On the Sunday, I looked in my BT phone book to find a locksmith. I found one that had no call out fee and I called the Houghton number and a lady took my details and told me someone would be out in about one hour or more.

Sure enough, a nice man came quite quickly. He told me the lock was OK but the problem was a draught proof brush I had glued on on the Saturday was too long and stopping my lock from working. He took it off and cut some off and put it on for me.

It took him about 15 minutes to do the job, then he gave me the bill, £89 and 20% Vat, total £106.80. I was so shocked I paid him then he went away.

I phoned the firm to ask if that was right. The lady told me it was £89 per hour. I told here he had not been here an hour, so she said £89 was up to the hour. So beware when it says no call out fee as I did not realise that as soon as he came to my door I had to pay £89. Nice man but I feel as if I was taken advantage of by the firm he was working for.

I hope this will warn other people to ask a lot of questions before they have someone come out. I am still very upset about this.

Mrs L Lawson