Better care for the dying

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After reading the article in the Echo on Tuesday, July 28, I felt so much sympathy with Jeanette, having also recently experience a close member of my family not being given adequate pain relief while dying of cancer.

There seems to be a trend of sub-standard care and a widening knowledge gaps within the NHS.

There were several occasions when requests where met with “not written up for that” or conflicting communication between medical, surgical, and nursing staff.

Because of extremely poor communication within designations, patient and family, my relative did not receive a good standard of care and was in great pain until they passed away.

Surely, this should be addressed?

Although myself and some members of my family voiced concern, there is no intent to seek recompense, however, it is very sad that there seems to be no accountability for non-action or incorrect action taken.

I have worked with many nurses, doctors and surgeons who were and are still very caring and knowledgeable, but they seem to be a dying breed.

I hope Jeanette’s family can find a way to come to terms with events.

M Lillie,

RSCN 42years