Benn was too militant

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Richy Mackem names Tony Benn as a great Labour hero (September 3).

Tony Benn was a fanatic and though he mellowed in old age, many people in the 1970s and 80s realised how dangerous he was in my oopinion.

The logical outcome of Benn’s hard-left theories would be a Stalinist dictatorship. He was perfectly happy to have Militant Tendency supporting his bid to be Deputy Leader, a hard line against any Labour MP who wouldn’t vote for him.

I had personal experience of Benn’s supporters.

I was attending a meeting in a building where Benn was making a speech, and a hostile group gathered round the door trying to prevent non-Bennites from entering: ‘Oi you. Where do you think you’re going?’

The policeman on duty just looked the other way and did nothing to help me go about my lawful business.

Charles Napier