Benefits of multiculturalism not working

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So after a third terrorist attack in as many months by Muslim extremists the politicians tell us that atrocities like this are very rare and the chances of being caught up in one are miniscule.

Yeah, right, tell that to the families of the poor innocents left dead and seriously injured.

Looks to me that not only are these incidents becoming more and more common and that these ‘animals’ are striking anywhere but security services are unable to prevent them.

We are assured by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, that London, along with the rest of England, is the safest city in the world.

Again try telling that to the victims’ families.

It’s time that we as a country come together as one and demand that the Government implement drastic measures to ensure the safety of its people.

We know where the danger lies we know the danger posed by these Muslim extremists and we know that the kid glove treatment is never going to work.

The sooner we admit this the more innocent lives we will be saved.

If internment followed by deportation is the best option then so be it.

So much for the benefits of multiculturalism.

M Mcardle