Be aware of smart meters

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Lately I have been bombarded by my energy supplier to have a smart meter fitted free.

I, as an ex-union shop steward immediately considered the downside of this seemingly attractive offer.

They pointed out what they consider advantages of using this device, but I looked at the effect this would have if everyone had these meters.

Firstly, goodbye meter readers.

Do we really want to see people out of a job?

Secondly, and I think, more importantly, we have opened the door to Big Brother.

These meters are capable of upgrading to perhaps link with your computer finding out details about your life – maybe to sell on to other organisations, or making it easier for hackers to obtain a foothold in your life.

Let us not forget that some government agency may deem it necessary on the altar of anti-terrorism to spy on people, who rightly or wrongly, they have suspicions about or even just a matter of routine.

Think carefully before going down this path.

J Jones