BBC Look North story subtitles not necessary

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Recently BBC Look North showed an item about a homeless man having to ‘sleep rough’ in Sunderland.

The item is currently on BBC Look North’s Facebook page also.

The BBC decided to provide subtitles for the man. An unnecessary and discriminatory provision.

BBC Look North is a regional programme for people of the region.

We understand our dialects.

Yet, if we look at MP Ronnie Campbell. He has a very strong local accent. Does the BBC provide subtitles for him when he appears on Look North? No.

What about Northumbria Police officers who often comment about an investigation or a case outside of a court? They often have very strong local accents. Are they subtitled? No.

Yet, this local programme provides subtitles for a man which are not necessary to its regional viewers.

A man, whom it would appear, does not have the ability because of his financial status and lack of accommodation to object or complain about his treatment.

Perhaps, he was known not to have access to a television, which also lead to the BBC’s discriminatory treatment?

BBC Look North discussed this issue further on its Facebook page. Will this also be provided with subtitles again?

Appalling treatment of a local man.

Christopher Ogle