Bad landlords must be accountable

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The latest Government investigation on immigrant accommodation reveals large numbers of them living in squalid, rat infested, bed bug ridden properties many without electricity, gas, or water supplies.

The questions we have to ask are: Who are these landlords who are being allowed by this Government and councils up and down the country to rent out these hovels? Why are they allowed to refuse to carry out even minor repairs while at the same time charging tenants hundreds of pounds in rent for the privilege of living in one of their gold mines?

Like it or not research shows that the majority of these slum properties are, in fact, owned by foreign business men and women.

People who are prepared to rent out these properties to their own people in the search for profit. I realise there will be many readers of this letter who might be offended by this statement but facts are facts whether you like them or not.

Once again the powers that be prefer to bury their heads in the sand for fear of upsetting anyone.

It’s about time we had someone in charge prepared to stand up and be counted, accept the facts and do something about it.

We can’t just carry on with the way things are or we will all be losers in the long run.

M Mcardle