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In the Echo (February 4) a letter was on the letter’s page, in fact it was a poem with someone’s happy memories from when he was a young lad. It brought back to me my happy memories from when I was a young lad, those pound, shillings and pence times. I also made my own entertainment, making tents in the garden where I used to live.

Tents made of two tree stumps and tie a length of double string to them, then I draped a bed sheet over the string, that was my tent. My other tent was a table in the garden with bed sheets draped over.

Another thing that I made was a wooden gun catapult made of a length of thick wood with two rubber bands around the piece of wood, and fix two hair grips to the rubber bands to make the triggers.

Mind you when you fired it, it did not go far, the match just went a few inches.

That person made his own entertainment them, I made my entertainment, those happy times.

But my big memories are of 1963, the big freeze. I did this then so I could have a happy memory. I stood in the front garden in the deep snow so I could watch the snow coming down.

Edwin Robinson,

Zetland Square,