Austerity not to blame for stalled life expectancy

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Ged Taylor has again misrepresented information, this time in his letter claiming that the increase in life expectancy had stopped. He goes on to make further claim that the reason for this is austerity.

The first inaccuracy is that the growth in life expectancy has not stopped it has slowed. Since 2011, the rate at which mortality is improving has been slower than in previous years but James Tait, chairman of the CMI executive committee, at the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, said that it is important to understand that mortality is expected to continue to improve and there is significant uncertainty as to whether “this recent slowing in the rate of improvement will continue”.

Secondly, a UCL report stated ‘The steady rise in life expectancy has stalled in Britain for the first time in 100 years, with dementia and lifestyles diseases largely to blame.’

Alan Wright