Austerity is killing UK

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It was good to see that at least we have a decent opposition to this Government.

Over the last seven years the Tories have systematically dismantled the fabric of our country and placed many of our institutions in a parlous state.

They have divided the country like never before with their offer of Brexit, a ploy to garner more votes in 2010 and clearly putting party ahead of the country’s interests.

A slender majority to leave has placed our economy in a situation where inflation is rife and jobs are at risk.

Having engineered this crisis, Cameron took the coward’s way out and left the situation in the hands of an incompetent home secretary, who has bungled her way into a situation where everyone sees her for what she is.

I am pleased that the young people in this country are beginning to make their voice heard and the result may have been different if they had stepped up sooner.

They have been forced down a path which will lead to them being poorer and, in fact, they find it much harder than we did to own houses and generally make their way in the world.

Another five years of austerity will kill this country off and certainly the NHS will disappear.

It is good that at least the opposition is back and the Tories and their bed-mates, the DUP will be checked.

Richard Beck