Austerity is key factor in falling police numbers

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The decrease in police numbers, and the rise in reported crime, you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to work that one out.

In real terms, whether its the public or private sector, your wages are going down.

The only things that are going up other than crime are MPs’ wages, the royal family’s wages, and massive tax breaks for the wealthy.

House burglary has gone up by six per cent and the pension age is going up again.

The government said people are living longer, so the thought is ‘let’s work them to death so they can’t claim their pension’.

We now find for the first time in 100 years when life expectancy in this country has constantly risen, it has now stopped increasing.

The reason for just about everything above is austerity.

And as MPs go on holiday, they release the wages everyone is on at the BBC, so all people are talking about is why is Gary Lineker is on more money than the girl who reads the local news.

Its pretty obvious why, and who really cares?

It’s amazing how this austerity driven failure of a government can switch the dialogue from something so serious to this.

Do you think this government is having our pants down.

Ged Taylor