Are police flouting law?

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When out driving or walking, I, like many I would surmise, regularly see drivers flouting the law by using hand held mobile phones whilst driving.

From my own observations, instances of such flagrant disregard for people’s safety seems to be on the increase, however, the number of fixed penalty notices issued for such behaviour has dropped by 86% since 2011.

One wonders why this is the case. Could it be the fact that the police, the ones who are supposed to enforce this law, also break it by using their ‘Airwave’ radios whilst driving?

Current legislation provides an exemption for the use of two way radios such as Airwave, however, this is negated by the fact that these handsets also have the capability of being used as mobile phones and as such it is illegal to use whilst driving.

Should the police not lead by example?

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