An obsession with football

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The observation of your correspondent, Dave Winter (May 6) on the function of Siglion in the Vaux Site was most welcome.

For 17 years, after the demolition of the Vaux brewery, a new road bridge has been ready and waiting to be built to relieve the traffic congestion upon the 87-year-old Wearmouth bridge. Such a project could be the implementation of the blue route option identified by two expensively bought “New Wear bridge feasibility studies”.

In 1999, the blue route became more feasible. Both studies have been abandoned for no good reasons.

The remit of Siglion is to ensure that there will be no more new road bridges in Sunderland City Centre for the next 100 years or more.

More than 40,000 football fans would agree that they need better access to SAFC. It is obvious that the council’s road planning department is ordered to favour the vested interests of the chamber of commerce, the bus operators, SAFC and wealthy land speculators. There is an obsession with maintaining footfall and the status quo.

The planning laws requires that the proper use of land should be in the public interests.

Ron McQuillan