Am I a curse on old buildings?

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It has been brought to my notice that I have been discussed in an assembly in August at Sunderland Antiquarian Society no less. Unfortunately I was lumped in with Mick ‘The Pen’ Brown.

These good folk were discussing as to whether we two actually existed or were we the work of actual Sunderland Echo staff. My informant, so to speak, stated that she knew nothing about Mick Brown but assured the Sunderland Antiquarian Society that my good self most certainly exists.

I then pointed out that even Mick exists as I went to school with him, albeit he is a few months older than me, but that is by the by as I see that my letter asking Liverpool House to be converted back to it’s Georgian Housing splendour has resulted in its demolition, much the same way as my letter of many years ago consigned the Brewery Tap to the history books the very next day by suggesting that it should have been donated to Beamish Museum, and considering how long the site has stayed empty, the old Neptune could easily have been removed a brick a day by my estimation and rebuilt.

I think from now on I shall refrain from trying to save old buildings in Sunderland by sending letters into the Sunderland Echo as I seem to work in the same vein as to when Sunderland council promised to keep Dundas Street as it was back in the mid 1980s.

I believe there are about ten of the original street buildings remaining in Dundas Street itself so let us hope that they never promise to save any more of the remaining old streets of Sunderland, however I do congratulate them on the 1980s rebuilding of Mary Street.

Alan ‘The Quill’ Vincent

Old Penshaw