All glitter is not gold

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In his letter Rod Hepplewhite writes (December 8)that Councillor Howe makes a poor case for leaving the EU, but it is still a good idea.

He says that he does not realise the extent to which the North East economy and the Sunderland economy relies on Nissan and the feeder industries that serve it?

The self-same thing could have been said about the shipbuilding industry and coal industry and all the rest of the heavy industry in the North East when they all went down.

Where was Mr Hepplewhite and his opinions then?

He reckons that no Government is perfect, perhaps that is why the British Empire collapsed? All those in the Empire didn’t want foreigners telling them what and what not to do; do we?

His letter goes on to say, the EU allows NE businesses to trade and grow creating jobs and economic growth, really? So what happened at Redcar with the steel industry? He then says that the EU invests in the NE, we get more from the EU that we pay in, and this supports a whole host of projects across the NE. So where does the phrase “these austere times” come from if we are rolling in it? What about the City of Adelaide ship, not to mention a public toilet in the central railway station?

So there you have it, all that glitters is not gold, and as dumb as Miss Fly was, she wasn’t dumb enough to go into the parlour with Mr Spider, unlike some.

R Tomlinson,