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The much-awaited meeting of the Seafront Developers, Siglion and Carillion, took place in the Marriott Hotel to listen to ideas on how best to improve leisure facilities for Seaburn.

The area under review was that stretching from Morrisons down to Martino’s. I expressed the hope that this meeting would prove positive.

An idea which has been widely expressed in the Fulwell ward was a swimming pool to replace the now closed Crowtree Centre along with an ice rink and indoor bowling facility. The Crowtree had a very enthusiastic group of several hundred bowlers, many of whom are still without a place to bowl regularly, despite being told that a home would be found to the players.

Initially this was thought to be a good idea which would not only enhance the seafront but boost the local economy. However, it was squashed at the final summing up.

Alternative proposals included a few more pubs and food outlets but nothing that would attract families.

It could be argued that the delays in the provision of meaningful leisure attractions will divert attention away from the less published plans to urbanise the 10-acre green areas of Seaburn with hundreds of new housing units?

Siglion has already made an impact in the city.

It has created 12 jobs but hopes to turn this into thousands more to be created by employers who it is hoped will fill offices on the former Vaux site which has been sitting empty since 1999.

Coun George Howe,

Fulwell Ward