A19 driving habits need to change

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I’am writing in response to a petition to improve the A19 backed by various MPs and other parties.

I use the A19 on a daily basis for the purpose of commuting to work in Hartlepool.

I agree there is a need for some improvements to some sections of the road. Improvements in the right area may reduce accidents but overall a majority of accidents are due to the ignorance of drivers.

Over a 15-year period of using the road I’ve seen a steady increase in the use of mobile phones. Vehicles driving too close to the one in front and when the weather deteriorates the danger is significantly amplified.

I don’t know how many times I have been tailgated in poor visibility before the driver behind loses patience and overtakes in poor visibility, virtually into the unknown.

So improvements not only to the road but just as importantly to people’s driving habits are needed.

Consequently the reported 70 injured as a result of crashes on the stretch between Wolviston and Boldon: How many were caused wholly by driver fault rather than poor road layout?

Kevin Rossiter