A Thatcher mark two

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The Tory Party is excited about a Thatcher mark two, but members themselves ejected mark one from power.

As ever, Labour is more complicated – and much more so.

Its Parliamentary party wants a Blair mark three, Mr Cameron presently holding no mark two mantle.

However, they seem confident they can eject their present leader.

The USA have used Nato to drive a wedge between Western European and Russian trade.

Their troops are now operating in the Ukraine.

This should ease up once they have their transatlantic trade pact signed. Perhaps they’ve learnt something from Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria.

We, the rich UK, will build a new fleet of nuclear armed submarines, costing untol billions of pounds. For a grateful world peace.

So all seems fine.

Meanwhile, here in Sunderland, any true socialist male, if there are any, wishing to be MP, should move elsewhere.

F Evans