400 libraries closed in UK

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Councillor Robert Oliver reminded me that spin and manipulation are still alive and well in the Tory party.

This was after I’d read his amusing accusation that the drastic cuts were the fault of the council and his Tory Government was blameless.

I fail to see what the councillor expects to gain by his propaganda when every man and his dog now know the facts.

Since the unholy union of the Tories and Lib Dems took place in 2010, hundreds of public libraries have been forced to close.

A report by the BBC data team have stated 400 libraries across the UK have been closed due to cuts in local council spending.

In the same period, almost 8,000 library employees have lost their jobs – about a quarter of the overall workforce.

In addition 111 libraries are expected to close in the coming year.

Since 2010, there are 14 million fewer books available on the public library shelves, depriving our grandchildren the knowledge we took for granted.

W Quinn