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Letter of the week: Never mind protests - hit Sunderland owner Ellis Short where it hurts most

There are rumours that Sunderland fans are considering a whole host of  protests at the running of our great club.
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Do you agree with our letter writer about litter levels in Sunderland?

Letter of the week: Let's go to war on Sunderland's phantom fly tippers

It was a windy day in Washington, I was walking my dog and disgusted to see five full black bin bags on the grass around the walk.

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Academy graduate George Honeyman, number 26, in Sunderland's recent win over Hull City.

Letter of the week: Sunderland's decision to promote youngsters is brave and correct

In 1973 Sunderland’s cup winning team that beat the great Leeds United team in the F.A. Cup final included six graduates from ex-manager Alan Brown’s youth academy.
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Coun Margaret Beck, right, with Sue Kerton and the rubbish collected by volunteers.

Letter of the week: Don't blame Sunderland council for city's rubbish problems

Friends of Fulwell, Fulwell Community Library volunteers and many members of the public including off duty council employees did a clean up on Seaburn Beach on Saturday at 12 noon.
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A mainly glum-looking section of the loyal Sunderland away following at Cardiff City recently.

Letter of the week: 'Sunderland are not a big club any more - we are a joke'

After the 4-0 thrashing by Cardiff City and having been a Sunderland supporter and season ticket holder for more than 50 years I am now of the opinion that the club is a shambles and that I am a mug for going to watch them.
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An untidy back lane in Sunderland.

Letter of the week: Sunderland residents need to think twice about dumping litter

What a wonderful idea your Clean Streets clean-up campaign is.

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Our writer feels law-abiding motorists are suffering because of the extension of permit zones for motorists in the Newcastle Road area of Sunderland.

Letter of the week: Sunderland permit parking milks motorists of yet more money

I recently read a letter from a Sunderland Echo reader complaining of daylight robbery via enforced permit only parking and would like to expand on this a bit.
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Our writer is angry at the cost of amending parking permits in Sunderland.

Letter of the week: Sunderland parking permit costs are 'daylight robbery'

I am writing in regard the new parking permits in the Barnes area near the hospital.

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Our writer suggests Sunderland city centre needs more public toilets to attract visitors.

Letter of the week: More parking and toilets are what visitors to Sunderland need - not a £5m centre for imagination

Outsiders will be green with envy at our countryside and lovely parks (Sunderland Echo headline, December 5, page 4).

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Litter in Sunderland city centre. But is Sunderland the pigsty our writer thinks it is?

Letter of the week: Sunderland is a pigsty

At last, after year’s complaints by the residents of Sunderland, councillors have decided to accept that the city is nothing short of a cesspit and people have had enough of living in squalor.
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An artist's impression of how the hotel will look.

Letter of the week: Sunderland needs more shops rather than a new hotel

I am writing in disgust about the new hotel for the so called Sunderland city centre.
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The former bingo hall after February's fire.

Letter of the week: There's people in Sunderland who go out of their way to spoil it for others

A couple of years ago I thought I would go up to Southwick, to Beaumont Street, to see how the place is now for old times and to see other streets up there, because I was born at Knox Square.

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Weardale Avenue residents pictured with Coun George Howe, right, who objected to the plans.

Letter of the week: Angry Sunderland residents should take direct action in land battle

I read with interest your article about Councillor Michael Mordey’s defence of Sunderland’s planning committee (November 21) in the matter of university land at Weardale Avenue and of course, there is no disagreeing with what Mr Mordey said: bullying should not be tolerated.

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Police and council officers on patrol in Southwick recently.

Letter of the week: Three reasons for recent trouble on Sunderland streets

There are three sources of blame for the troubles in the Beaumont area of Southwick.
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Sunderland owner Ellis Short.

Letter of the week: 'I honestly feel sorry at times for Sunderland owner Ellis Short'

Another manager gone but the same old rubbish remains.

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Our writer questions where the money to rebuild Sunderland railway station will come from.

Letter of the week: Not a good time to build a new Sunderland railway station

It is not a good idea to build a new railway station at present.

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Our writer has a radical idea to help the Sunderland Ladies team, right.

Letter of the week: Sunderland's players should donate wages to save Ladies team from relegation

With the men’s team still struggling to cope with the transition to Championship football, it has been a delight to see the promising start to their season achieved by Sunderland Ladies.

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People at the Sunderland Pride event last month.

Letter of the week: 'Sunderland Pride event reminded me that humans do actually like each other'

We all need a boost and the Sunderland Pride event held in the city centre on Sunday, September 24, gave me one.
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Our writer questions whether the number of toilets in the Bridges is sufficient.

Letter of the week: 'Why are Sunderland's toilets going out of fashion?'

Six months ago Sunderland’s gents toilets in The Bridges had 10 cubicles in them.

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A fan appears to question what he is watching during the Ipswich defeat.

Letter of the week: 'Sunderland Football Club do not appreciate loyal fans'

Simon  Grayson had the nerve to say  “We know we could have done better”  – how dare he.
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