Your brown bin emptied for the price of a pint each time? What you said about the Sunderland garden waste collection charge

Is the price of a pint worth it for getting your brown bin emptied?

Wednesday, 30th January 2019, 1:09 pm
Updated Wednesday, 30th January 2019, 1:13 pm
Brown bin
Brown bin

The return of Sunderland City Council's garden waste collection scheme has sparked a fresh debate over the scheme.

The controversial charge was introduced in 2016 as part of cost-cutting measures to help the council balance the books in face of Government funding cuts.

Brown bin

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But the news of its return has prompted fresh debate on our Facebook page as to whether the charge is fair.

There were those who supported the move, with one commenter pointing out the cost of each collection worked out at less than the price of a pint. But many were still angry.

Alex Maskell said: "Well done to the council, you now have taken people back to the dark ages and I seem to remember actually encouraged people to burn their waste as a way of getting rid of it. That’s good for the environment, isn’t it?

Emma Rachon said: I would happily pay for better recycling system. But like many comments here point out garden waste is part of garden , not harmful an many ways to utilise this.

I am sad about recycling issues neglected."

Ian Taggart said: "Any garden waste will go in the green bin. I think I pay enough to Sunderland City Council in taxes."

Tony Isles said; "[We have] no choice and they know it.".

Paul Green said: "[We're an] easy target, just like motorists. Society is broke, an opinion readily endorsed when I read the majority of comments on here."

Jade Richardson said: No thanks. I’ll keep my money. I’ll put mine in either the green bin or I’ll take to the recycling centre

Jan Foley added: "And on top of this charge, once someone steals your bin they'll want another £25 to replace it. Don't think so."

David Alfie Leithes said: "BAG YOUR GARDEN WASTE IN BLACK BAGS AND USE THE GREEN ONE,SIMPLE. No need to charge the hardworking taxpayer."

Mario Jaconelli was one of those defending the charge. He said: "Personally I think it’s excellent value and can’t see why people are moaning about it.

"Saves going to the tip. £32.50 for 17 collections = £1.91 per collection. Less than the cost of a pint if you put it into perspective."

He added: "Sometimes you just have to choose your battles. If you think £1.91 makes life easier for you to take away your garden waste and you are happy to pay it then why stress about it. Just my opinion and personal experience of course and each to their own."

Jon Ralph replied: "Totally agree mate, although I do like to laugh at the people who go down to the tip in the summer who think they’re clever not paying the charge then wasting an hour every Sunday queuing to empty their bags of grass and end up getting it all over the car! #falseeconomy."

Margaret Carter said: "Of course , the fairies won’t take it away, people expect everything for nothing these days, don’t blame the councils , they have had their funding consistently cut each year yet are expected to maintain levels of service.

"Councils have to make choices about what money is spent on, I’d rather pay for the brown bin to be emptied than someone not be able to access care services."

Janet Huggins, however, disagreed. She said: "@Mario JaconellIi I don't think it's about value , more about the principal. The council brought the idea of brown bin in recycling and it was free, now they charge and increase it yearly."

Others had some alternative solutions to garden waste.

Helen Blackburn said: "We need community composting and the compost can be used for school gardens and community gardens."

Amanda Clayton said: "We have not had our garden waste bin emptied in about three years, we still fill it up and just use it as a compost bin."