'You should be able to discipline your own kids' - readers react to proposed smacking ban

It's a controversial topic - and one which got dozens of you talking.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 9th January 2018, 2:40 pm
Updated Wednesday, 10th January 2018, 9:00 am

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Do you think smacking should be banned?
Do you think smacking should be banned?

A 12-week consultation launched in Wales on Tuesday to find out the public's views on whether or not smacking should be banned there. And in our own poll online, 77% of voted to say it should not be.

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We asked the question: "Should smacking be banned?" - and while the vote was 77% no versus 23% yes, your views on social media varied.

The Welsh government plans to remove the defence of reasonable punishment to the offences of battery and assault. If approved, Wales would follow Scotland in ending the physical punishment of children. The defence of "justifiable assault" is to be removed in Scots law.

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Here's what you said on Facebook:

Steve Burnaby Davies: "Time was when it was acceptable these days I’m not so sure. The 'it never did me any harm' somehow doesn’t ring true.

"However the sharp shock of a slap teaches a lesson that perhaps in the main is difficult to ignore and forget. Interesting debate I’m sure."

Amy Louize: "Yes it should be banned you should never lift your hand to your kids why have them?"

Bailey Dinsdale: "No it shouldn't. I was smacked all the time as a kid and if my kids in the future do [anything] naughty they deserve to be punished."

Margaret Crosbie: "No you should be able to discipline your own kids. This is why they are out of control now."

Andy Bewick: "Absolutely! There are much better ways of punish a child than using violence."

Denise Houston: "Ýou as parents should be able to discipline your child as long as a line is not crossed where smacking turns into beating. A little smack never [did] me any harm."

Pete North: "Violence begets violence."

Sarah Jane Hallimond: "My kids know right from wrong are very obedient and well mannered. I've never once smacked them.

"All depends on what type of person you are. I'm not a physical type myself so it doesn't come [naturally] to me to smack them. I obviously have [taught] my kids through other ways.