'You go girl!' - readers' praise for Sunderland dancer Rachel's Bootylicious moves

She brought a smile to all of our faces with her fun moves on the dance floor of a Sunderland nightclub.

Tuesday, 16th January 2018, 10:31 am
Updated Tuesday, 16th January 2018, 12:15 pm
Rachel's signature move is the teddy bear roll. Picture: North News and Pictures.

And Rachel McCann Parkin has won all of your hearts too with her happy-go-lucky attitude to life.

The 33-year-old became a viral sensation over the weekend when she was filmed on a night out in the city's Arizona nightclub. Video footage of her, recorded by Micky Jones, was posted to Twitter and quickly gained thousands of reactions.

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Speaking following her new-found fame, Rachel said: "With people filming stuff like this it’s going to come to a point when people get scared of being themselves. I just want people to be themselves.”

And her mantra was certainly one that all of you could get behind.

She became a viral sensation over the weekend. Picture: North News and Pictures.

Here are your messages of support to Rachel from social media:

Rachael Taylor: "Fab Rachel. There's always people trying to embarrass people by recording things and posting them online ... you have nothing to be embarrassed about I wish I had half your confidence."

David Stewart: "Completely styled it out at the end with the salute! Brilliant! Someone having fun with her friends. Can’t beat it! I miss Sunderland for these gems of a night! Such a great night out."

Kayley Wilson-Fasa: "You have one life and you need to live it. Well done Rachel you had fun and that's what lifes' about. For few w[who are] trying to put a downer on it they need to get a life. Should start a fitness class!"

She became a viral sensation over the weekend. Picture: North News and Pictures.

Karen Pennock: "Give me Rachel’s teddy bear roll over City of Culture anytime! Ginnan Lass, you’ve made me smile all day, and I even tried to do it myself at work today."

Llayney Marie Straughan: "My first thought on seeing it was ‘I bet she’s class to get drunk with’."

Toni Terry: "When I saw the video I laughed my head off so funny you go girl. Looks like you were having a great time."

Sandra Maddison: "Great advertisement for the the curvier ladies, just shows you can still have fun no matter what shape you are."

Louise Lanaghan: "Salute, love it, would have joined in if I was out. Nice to see some harmless just enjoying life."

Joanne Jenkins Naugher: "You got confidence lass I wish ya could bottle it and sell it cause I'd buy some. Wonder how many people have tried doing it since it went viral haha."

Kathryn Tatton: "Mint! I’m gonna practice this myself - could be my new party piece."

Sophie McGeorge: "Fab seeing someone enjoy themselves and not caring what anyone thinks. You go girl!"

Sarah Dennis: "Go girl I normally end up doing the caterpillar nothing wrong in enjoying yourself good on ya."

Charlotte Elizabeth Perry: "Quality ... pure legend let me have a night out with her pleaseeeeee!"

Carly Stephenson: "Absolutely fantastic! Nice to see people enjoying themselves and letting their hair down."

Lucy Greenwell: "Good on you! Life's too short to be standing around in pubs and clubs worrying what other people are thinking of you!"

Melissa Jayne: "Made me smile all weekend nice to see someone be themselves. Class. Legend."

Rachel Jones: "Glad that the majority of the comments are positive. Just a girl having a laugh with her friends causing no harm to anyone."