Year Walk: iPad: Adventure: £2.49

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SOME games are so difficult to review, because you don’t want to spoil one iota of the surprise and delight awaiting your iPad.

Year Walk is one such title, presenting such a novel and intriguing game experience that to say too much would ruin the individual’s mini voyage of discovery.

Suffice to say that a Year Walk is an ancient Swedish tradition where men venture into the forest on New Year’s Eve in a effort to see their future.

Cue an early shock that sets the tone for this chilling tale that will set you on the edge of your seat during the few hours that it consumes your attention.

The puzzle-solving and adventuring is outstanding, while the cinematic graphical approach and disturbing audio effects further heighten the uncomfortable feeling that will linger with you while you play (particularly in a darkened room). It’s unconventional tablet gaming at its finest, unlike anything else you’ll have seen to date, and undoubtedly one title you’ll want to tell all your pals about ... without giving the game away, of course.