Wrecked German World War Two U-boat found off Seaham coast

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SCIENTISTS have discovered the wreck of a German U-boat off the coast of Seaham.

The latest satellite and computer technology has revealed the scattered parts of the submarine on the bottom of the North Sea.

The U-boat was destroyed with depth charges by an RAF aircraft near the end of the Second World War.

Merlindown Science discovered the submarine, thought to have been destroyed in April 1945, using high resolution pictures of the seabed taken by the NASA Landsat 8 satellite. Company representative Brian Jones said the investigation started after the discovery of an RAF aerial photograph which shows an explosion off the North-East coast.

He said the photo, taken in 1945, was uncovered during an unrelated search.

“At first it was not clear as to what had actually occurred, but after careful study of the images, a mystery began to emerge,” he said.

“The Merlindown system can be used in conjunction with photographic media. This photo shows a vessel being destroyed with depth bombs. Closer examination with more detailed images revealed that the vessel being destroyed was indeed a German U-boat.”

Brian is now appealing for anyone who may remember the explosion to come forward.

“This took place 69 years ago so lots of people will remember it,” he said. “Imagine how great it would be if people came forward with more information?”

Anyone with information can call Merlindown Science on 0127 463 8792.