Wreck-It Ralph: Nintendo DS: Action: £22.99

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DISNEY’S next big hit will pack a real punch in cinemas, thanks largely to the sheer size of the lead character – 643lb Ralph.

This arcade bad guy is looking for a change of lifestyle, and this game acts as a story extension to the film itself, seeking to inspire a whole new generation of young gamers as a classic, arcade-style side-scroller featuring this misunderstood villain.

With his pal, perpetual good-guy Fix-It Felix, you’ll enjoy an environment-hopping arcade action journey, taking in worlds familiar to the film such as Sugar Rush and Hero’s Duty, all of which are amusing parodies of the real-life game genres.

Although a little generic in its gameplay premise, the loveable characters and gaming in-jokes do more than enough to make Wreck-It Ralph a worthwhile addition to your DS collection, and a great warm-up to the big-screen release.