Would shoe believe it? Wearside women wear the highest heels in Europe

High heels
High heels
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IT’S official – Wearside women tower above their European counterparts as they teeter about on the highest heels.

Fashion-conscious ladies wearing high heels are a familiar sight across Sunderland city centre on a night out.

And now a survery for foot-care company Compeed has confirmed that women of the North East have hit new heights as they teeter about on shoes with an average 3.46in heel.

On average, British women topped the table with an average of 3.3in heels, followed closely by Spanish women with 3.2in heels.

French women are at the bottom with a tiny 2.4in average heel.

Shoe-mad Wearside women today agreed with the results, claiming some of their heels stand at a staggering five inches.

Emma Colbone, 21, of Pallion, said: “I’m not surprised that girls in the North East wear the highest heels – platforms are a major trend up here.

“I have around 15 pairs of heels at least. Most are around five inches high.

“I wear these on nights out mostly, as high shoes make the outfit complete.”

Amy Snaith, of Hetton, agreed. The 16-year-old, said: “I like wearing high heels for parties and events. They are more formal than flats and look nicer with dresses.”

British women are statistically shorter than most European women, and the research argues this is why women in the UK wear the highest heels of all.

Figures also reveal 50 per cent of women are prepared to endure the pain caused by high-heel shoes.

Kelly Todd is one woman who often wears heels to boost her height.

The 30-year-old, of Hetton, said: “I love my heels. I’m quite short, about 5ft, so I wear them to look taller.

“I must have 30 pairs at home as I used to wear heels on a daily basis, even during the day.

“Now I don’t wear heels anywhere near as often as I have children and don’t think they’re practical for running around after them or doing the housework.”

Victoria Bell, 28, of Pallion, said: “I like the height heels give me and have 20, maybe 30 pairs of high-heeled shoes. They all have heels at least four or five inches.”

Kayleigh Dinsdale, 24, of Hendon, added; “I’d be more surprised if girls in the area weren’t wearing the highest.

“I don’t wear heels as much now since I’ve had two kids and only have five or six pairs. But those are quite high and everyone on a night out wears very high heels.”

Dr Tracey Lucas, from the Encompass Health Centre, added: “Although there is no evidence that high heels cause long-term damage, in the short-term they can cause increased risk of injuries such as sprains.”

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