World record rugby effort

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DURHAM City RFC will be the venue for a rugby world record attempt to create the biggest rugby game ever.

 The organisers are inviting rugby enthusiasts from across Wearside to get involved in what they hope will set a new mark for the most participants in a match.

 In addition, the event will raise funds for the Help for Heroes charity and also for former Durham City captain Kevin Showler, who is being treated for a brain tumour.

 The current record that the Durham event is seeking to overtake is the 179-player game organised by the Penryn Rugby Football Club (UK) between the Penryn Saracens and Penryn Borough teams in Penryn, UK, on 10 July 2011, when the match lasted 3hr 16min 48sec.

 All participants need to play a minimum of 10 minutes and touch the ball at least once during their time on the pitch to enable the club to qualify for the record.

 Grant Thompson, the driving force behind the project, said: “We’ve written to clubs across the country asking for their support.

Kevin asked that whatever money we raised should be divided evenly between himself and Help for Heroes and we readily agreed.

 “The dreadful weather earlier in the year meant that we had to postpone our first attempt on the record, but now we’ve fixed a new date we’ll be going ahead come what may.

 “We are also looking for refs to get involved and pick up a second world record for the most refs in one game.

 “We have all the arrangements sorted out with the Guinness Book of Records people on how our attempt can be 
monitored and assessed. They are very detailed and specific about the mechanics and authentication of claims they process.”

 The event takes place on on October 28.

 For more information, ring Grant Thompson on 07795221180.