World Cup patrols: Sunderland football fans risk match bans if they break the law

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POLICE are warning football fans that if they cause trouble while watching the World Cup in bars and pubs, they could be banned from going to live games.

There will be extra patrols across Wearside throughout the tournament to try and stop high spirits turning into violence or disorder.

Officers have been working with watering holes that are screening matches, as well as off licences, to remind them of their responsibilities when selling alcohol.

They have been told not to serve alcohol to anyone they suspect will give it to a child or anyone who is already drunk.

Police will seek to have Football Banning Orders imposed on anyone arrested for a violence-related offence while watching a World Cup match, should they be subsequently convicted. It comes as part of the Kick Off campaign, tackling domestic violence during the tournament.

Temporary Chief Superintendent Andy McDyer said: “While we’re not expecting there to be any significant trouble during World Cup games, there will be extra officers on patrol before, during and after matches to reassure anyone who is coming into towns and city centres that they are in a safe environment.

“Officers have been working with licensed premises across the force to find out what they’ve got planned for screening the games and we will continue to work with them throughout the duration of the tournament.”