Worker saves kitten trapped in walls of flat

Paul Conway, Dyno engineer, with Minx the kitten
Paul Conway, Dyno engineer, with Minx the kitten
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A SIX-WEEK-OLD kitten has already used up one of its nine lives after it got trapped for eight hours behind the walls of its new owner’s flat, before being saved by a worker from a Wearside firm.

Sue Riley called for help when one of her two kittens went missing.

A neighbour living in the flat below said he could hear scratching noises coming from his bathroom ceiling.

Mrs Riley then noticed a small gap in a bath panel, which the feline had somehow managed to squeeze into.

Despite calling out the fire brigade, who tried for 90 minutes to locate the cat, eight hours had passed since she first went missing.

An officer suggested contacting drain company Dyno, who engineer Paul Conway works for its Washington franchise Runitem Ltd.

Using a specialist CCTV camera, Paul managed to work out that the kitten was not on the same floor as first thought, but had in fact slipped further down and was on the next level below.

He was able to grab the kitten by its fur on the back of its neck and recover the tiny traumatised animal.

As a thank you, Paul was asked by Mrs Riley, of Westerhope, Newcastle, if he would name the kitten. He chose Minx.

David Screen, general manager of Runitem Ltd, which is based in Parsons Industrial Estate, said: “Once we got the call about the missing kitten from the distressed customer, we knew we could help.”