Woman left with facial bite mark in brutal attack – by best friend’s boyfriend

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A woman was left with a bite mark on her face after a brutal attack at the hands of her best pal’s boyfriend.

Stephen Yoxall, 27, pushed Kayley Telford down a flight of stairs, bit her cheek, gouged her eye and put his hands around her throat.

The violence left her with scars resembling “dirty marks” on her face, trouble seeing in sunlight, bruising around her neck and post traumatic stress disorder.

Newcastle Crown Court heard Yoxall had snapped when he, his girlfriend and Miss Telford got back to his home after a night out at a party last June.

Prosecutor Lee Fish told the court Yoxall punched a wardrobe and tried to spit at Miss Telford.

He added: “She was then pushed down the stairs.

“The defendant then followed her down the stairs and bit her on the cheek.

“He stuck his fingers into her eye and she also described him having his hands around her neck.”

The court heard Miss Telford punched Yoxall and pulled his hair to try and stop the attack.

Judge Penny Morland sentenced Yoxall, of Medway, Great Lumley, Chester-le-Street, to nine months imprisonment, suspended for 12 months, with 100 hours unpaid work, £300 costs and £300 compensation.

The judge said; “A human bite is a particularly unpleasant injury, it leads to fear of infection, means tests and injections are necessary and it has left a scar.

“In addition, you have caused damage to her eye, which is ongoing.

“She is suffering a psychological impact as a result of what you did.”

The judge said the prison sentence could be suspended because self-employed builder Yoxall provides a wage for his family and has not record of violent offending.

Jamie Adams, defending, said although the attack was “ugly and unpleasant” it was a one off incident which will not be repeated.

Mr Adams added: “This is completely out of character for him.”

Mr Adams said Yoxall has an excellent work ethic and is devoted to his family.