Woman gets three-year ban from keeping animals after allowing pet cat's tumour to go untreated

A woman has been sentenced to a three-year ban on keeping animals after failing to get her pet cat which was suffering from a tumour on her stomach seen by a vet.

Friday, 31st August 2018, 3:56 pm
Updated Sunday, 2nd September 2018, 1:52 am
Ava the cat.

As well as the disqualification, Brenda Cooper, 58, of Stanley Street, Seaham, was ordered to pay a total of £430 in fines, court costs and victim surcharges and has signed all her animals over to the RSPCA.

RSPCA inspectors visited Cooper's home and found her cat Ava with a large infected tumour in her stomach.

Alfie the dog.

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The animal was also severely underweight and sadly had to be put to sleep.

Four remaining cats and one dog have now been taken into the care of the RSPCA and officers are trying to re-home them.

The sentencing in the case took place at Newton Aycliffe Magistrates Court.

RSPCA Inspector Cathy Maddison said: “When I visited the property in April this year, I found a dog and five cats.

"One cat - Ava - was in an absolutely shocking condition.

“The poor cat had a very large infected tumour on her stomach which was open and filled with pus.

"She was also extremely underweight - just skin and bone.

“With the owner’s consent, I rushed her to the vet.

"Sadly, due to the inoperable and cancerous tumour, Ava’s condition was so severe that to prevent her suffering any further the vet decided the kindest option was to put the poor cat to sleep, also with the consent of the owner.

“The remaining four cats and one dog - Alfie - have been signed over into the care of the RSPCA and are all looking for new homes.

“This was an awful case as there was nothing that could be done for Ava by the time the RSPCA was made aware of the situation.

"But I’m just thankful that Alfie the dog and the other cats are in our care and they too are no longer at risk of suffering.”

To enquire about rehoming Alfie the dog, contact RSPCA Northumberland West Branch on 07519 876789.

To enquire about rehoming one of the four cats contact RSPCA Durham Branch on 01388 730248.

To report concerns about an animal’s welfare, please call the RSPCA’s 24 hour emergency line on 0300 1234 999 or visit the charity’s website at www.rspca.org.uk/adviceandwelfare/wildlife/injuredanimals