WISE MEN SAY: Have Sunderland fans ever had it this bad?

I was always against the idea that relegation from the Premier League was going to be good for Sunderland.

Monday, 8th January 2018, 1:00 pm
Lewis Grabban

 Go down and win some games, they said.

It’ll be good to be the big boys in the league, they said.

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“They” must have not bothered to watch Championship highlight shows that showed us these former Premier League clubs and their half empty stadiums, offering those who bother to go low quality football hoping their apathy will one day pass.

To say we are living that reality would be underdoing it, in all honesty. Sleepwalking our way to mid-table mediocrity in the second tier of English football seems like a pipe dream at present.

No matter how bad I thought this campaign could be, what we are currently witnessing is like a bad dream.

Even the side that went down to the third tier for the only time in the club’s history won a fair few games at home that season.

Fans of that era were not subjected to one home win in a calendar year. Think about what has happened in your life over that time and ask yourself how on earth more than 20,000 fans still bother.

I was hoping a break from league action would bring some release from this recurring nightmare on Saturday, instead me and the other 4,500 idiots who made the short trip to some town in Yorkshire stood there wondering why we bothered to think that would be the case.

That’s what make Sunderland fans special though, and the reasons that Chris Coleman gave for taking over in the first place have to be the beacon of hope for us all that things will get better.

Stop laughing.

Watching Boro win at an absolute canter hammered home to me just how bad things have become. I mean, yeah it’s obvious how bad we are and we have two shows a week to speak about it, but I don’t know if you actually, like, really know, but things are really, really bad.

Lewis Grabban’s decision to jump ship because he hasn’t got the stomach for a fight may be a mere confirmation of something we all suspected anyway, but the things behind the curtain that are being revealed are beyond depressing.

It’s nice to have a manager who at least unites fans.

His presence is possibly the only positive thing at present.

I like his comment about taking kittens into a dog fight and can only hope that someone is stupid enough to give us money for Kone so that we have a any chance of reinvesting in this side.

Effort will get you so far and I appreciate the sentiment of players of a perceived lesser ability than others getting a chance because they give 100% - it isn’t going to be enough to make people fall in love with this club all over again.